Hospital Furniture: Patient Room & Waiting Area Furniture

Guided by Evidence-Based Design (EBD) principles, Kwalu’s hospital grade furniture is purposefully created for the high demand of medical environments including community, rehabilitation and LTAC hospitals. From functional hospital patient room furniture, to chapels and hospital waiting room furniture; our hospital furniture chairs, tables, casegoods and wall protection can be custom designed to fit your unique aesthetic. Keep the “like new” look for years while saving money when you choose Kwalu as your hospital furniture manufacturer. Beautifully designed and made of high- impact-resilient polymer and patented steel joint construction, our hospital furniture chairs, casegoods, tables and headwalls provide elegance that is Designed to Last®. Kwalu hospital grade furniture designs are backed by our unique 10-year warranty on construction, optional antimicrobial product protection and finish. Eliminating Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) requires increasingly stringent infection prevention protocols.  Our hospital patient room furniture products do not have surface joints or seams and do not support microbial growth. Kwalu hospital room furniture also comes with a 10-year warranty that covers replacement and repair. Kwalu has partnered with Clorox Healthcare® to ensure that our hospital room furniture can withstand the harshest cleaning regimens; including bleach. Kwalu surfaces are compatible with Clorox Healthcare® Bleach Germicidal Wipes and Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes. Combining the correct products and protocols ensures effective surface disinfection, reducing the risk of cross-transmission of pathogens for patients.

Benefits of Kwalu's Hospital Products

Designed to Last®
Solid Surface
Moisture Impervious
Easy to Clean
Maintenance-Free Finish
No Joint Failures
24/7 10 Year Performance Warranty
Sustainable Initiatives
Committed to Solutions That Work

Designed to Last®

Designed to be timelessly beautiful and withstand daily rigors, Kwalu’s proprietary solid surface material (1/8” thick) and inner steel frame construction are of unmatched durability. Wood’s warmth and elegance has been brilliantly re-imagined into Kwalu’s everlasting finish.

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Award-Winning Design

For the second consecutive year, Kwalu is the recipient of the prestigious, “Best Overall Design Strategy in Healthcare” Design Connections Award, as voted by leading healthcare designers in the industry at Design Connections 2017…. READ MORE

Kwalu is the recipient of the prestigious 2017 Nightingale Award for Surfacing Materials. Kwalu received the award for its innovative surfaces that can stand harsh chemicals and provide long term cleanability in a healthcare environment…. READ MORE

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